VA Home Loans in Rochester 

The Kris Lindahl Team LOVES working with our nation’s veterans and find it rewarding that their service hasn’t gone unrecognized, thanks to the American taxpayer and the United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs.  

If you haven’t looked into using your VA benefits to purchase a home and plan on buying a home in Rochester, read on for information that will save you thousands of dollars over the price of a conventional loan. 

Purchase a Home in Rochester with Zero Down 

The lack of a down payment requirement is probably the VA loan’s most attractive feature. It offers a way for those on active duty, veterans and qualifying widows or widowers to get into homeownership without having to save for a down payment. 

With a conventional loan, if the borrower doesn’t put down at least 20 percent of the loan amount, the lender will tack on a private mortgage insurance (PMI) policy, adding hundreds to the monthly house payment. FHA calls their PMI, MIP, for Mortgage Insurance Premium and it will stay with you for the life of the loan if you get an FHA-backed loan. 

Not so with a VA loan. It’s guaranteed by the U.S. government, so lenders are willing to waive the PMI requirement. 

One More Advantage of a VA Loan 

Not only will you not have to come up with the huge chunk of money for a down payment, but closing costs won’t be a problem either with a VA loan. The lender will roll the closings costs into the loan. We’re sure you’ll agree that there is no better loan product on the market than the VA loan. 

VA Loan Qualifications 

Your Certificate of Eligibility is your ticket to the VA loan approval. Your lender can obtain it for you via an online system. There are also length-of-service requirements. Overall, though, qualifying for a VA loan to buy a house in Rochester is simple. 

Kris Lindahl is a VA Home Loan expert, committed to his mission of helping Rochester’sheroes and their families get into the home of their dreams using the benefits they rightfully earned in service to our country. Contact us today to get started or fill out the form below.