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Details about this year’s Rochesterfest are starting to be revealed, and 2017 will mark the 35th anniversary of our city’s annual summer festival. With the slogan “35 Years of Summer Fun,” Rochesterfest 2017 will take place from June 17th through the 25th, and as always, organizers are pulling out all the stops to ensure everyone attending will enjoy a variety of fun, wholesome, and entertaining events that range from the annual community parade to a new Treasure Hunt that’s new to the 2017 Rochesterfest lineup. 

While it’s still early and changes can certainly be made to the schedule, here’s a brief look at what to expect during this year’s event: 

Events We're Most Looking Forward to at Rochesterfest 2017:

  • Country Breakfast on the Farm -
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Rochester City Grass Ordinance Lawn care and maintenance is part of the deal when owning a home in Rochester; or just about anywhere for that matter. But starting this summer, failing to adequately keep up with cutting the grass or keeping weeds under control could hit you direct in the pocket book. 

Just added to the list of city ordinances is an administrative fine that can (and will) be imposed on Rochester, MN home owners for out-of-control grass or weeds on a property. 

So just what does “out-of-control” mean, you ask? Well, according to the Department of Agriculture, grass or weeds on the department’s eradicate list that measure 12 inches or more will result in a fine of $60 to start with, and turn into an additional $90 for a second violation and $120 for each violation

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It seems more people are working for themselves than ever before, regardless of whatever industry of business sector you happen to be in. 

If you’re somebody who's ever worked for yourself or started your own business before, you don’t need us to tell you how much hard work and how many long days go into building a recognizable and serviceable brand. But regardless of your work ethic, plenty of other factors go into how successful you may be as a business owner, which certainly includes where your business is located. 

First and foremost, a good city to start a business must have a high-level of livability for you personally, but also must maintain an even higher level of diversity, creativity, transportation infrastructure, and technological

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Rochester MN Named Best Place to Live in 2017Those of us who already call the quaint community of Rochester home are certainly well aware of how special of a place it can be for a variety of reasons. The local economy is booming, the collection of cultural and other area amenities continues to expand, and tourism is also on the rise here in the Rochester area as well. 

But while Rochester locals may be a little biased when it comes to how livable a place like Rochester, Minnesota can be at times, others across the country are also starting to take notice. Just recently, unveiled their list of 2017’s top 100 places to live, and believe it or not, Rochester was honored with this year’s top spot. 

As mentioned on the website, looked at more than 2,000 cities with a

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With Minnesota having such drastic seasonal changes from a weather standpoint, a common question we get as expert home sellers is when is the best time to sell a Rochester home. 

While all sorts of different variables go into selling a home, it is true that more homes tend to sell during the spring and summer than any other time of year. But for some insight as to why that might be the case specifically in Rochester, let’s take a closer look at some of the obvious factors: 

Cold, snowy weather isn’t ideal for viewing homes 

In a nutshell, going out and previewing homes when there’s snow on the ground and temperatures are well below zero isn’t anybody’s idea of fun. And when you also factor in people’s busy school and work schedules during the

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With a population of only around 5,000 people, potential home buyers shouldn’t expect an overwhelming inventory of options on the Byron, MN real estate market

But as a thriving small town that’s only minutes from the hustle-and-bustle surrounding Downtown Rochester, you might also find buyers are presented with more opportunities to buy here than most other small towns of equal size. 

Around the time of this post, just over 30 residential properties were currently listed on the Byron market, with nearly all of those listings being either attached townhouse-style residences or fully detached single-family homes. But as you might also notice, a very high concentration of active residential listings in Byron right now are also newer construction

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Many Rochester home buyers have at least some idea of what they want in a new place to live, which in most instances involves how much living space a home offers, where it’s located, and what’s nearby. For some home buyers out there, buying new construction is also a top priority during their home search, or perhaps even the number one priority if you’re someone who doesn’t mind paying a little more for the fresh new feeling of new construction. 

Despite many new construction homes in Rochester offering all the bells and whistles and all the latest and greatest technology features, finding the right newly built residence can still be a challenge. And if you’re also an experienced home buyer, chances are you don’t need us to tell you there’s even going

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Luxury Rochester Homes For SaleAs a small Olmsted County community that sits about an hour and a half south of the hustle and bustle surrounding the Twin Cities, the luxury real estate market in Rochester, MN isn't quite as robust as it is in nearby cities like Minneapolis or St. Paul. But that’s not to say luxury home buyers won’t find a variety of options and opportunities around Rochester that truly feature all the bells and whistles. 

As a Minnesota city that only has a population of right around 107,000 residents, it’s generally safe to say that active home buyers considering a move to Rochester should get more bang for their buck when looking for a new place, which is only just the beginning when it comes to the appeal and desirability of the Rochester area. 

In addition,

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Rochester New Construction Homes For SaleAlthough 2016 saw a lot of positives when it comes to the Rochester area real estate market, inventory is still relatively low, especially when it comes to completed new construction homes. For many home buyers looking to upgrade, or in some cases even make the along-awaited transition from renting to owning, new construction is often at the top of the wish list, even if it’s just a new construction condo or townhouse. And if 2017 is finally the year you decide to make a move, a great place to begin your new construction home search is in these top Rochester communities: 

Kingsbury Hills 

Above all, the Kingsbury Hills subdivision in Rochester offers new construction at a relatively affordable price. In fact, the most expensive new home listing

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Tips for Touring a Home in the Winter If you’re in the market for a new Rochester home or condo, chances are you’ll be touring a number of different listings over the course of the next few weeks; or even months depending on how good or bad your home search goes. 

But given we’re just now entering the height of the winter season, there’s also a pretty good chance you’ll be walking through homes in less-than-ideal conditions, which often means cold and snowy weather. So if you find yourself going through somebody else’s home this winter season, here are few things to keep in mind as a potential home buyer: 

Take your shoes off at the door 

This is always a good rule, regardless of season. But if it’s wet, snowy, or muddy outside, it’s not only recommended but expected. 

Bring a

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