February 2017

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With Minnesota having such drastic seasonal changes from a weather standpoint, a common question we get as expert home sellers is when is the best time to sell a Rochester home. 

While all sorts of different variables go into selling a home, it is true that more homes tend to sell during the spring and summer than any other time of year. But for some insight as to why that might be the case specifically in Rochester, let’s take a closer look at some of the obvious factors: 

Cold, snowy weather isn’t ideal for viewing homes 

In a nutshell, going out and previewing homes when there’s snow on the ground and temperatures are well below zero isn’t anybody’s idea of fun. And when you also factor in people’s busy school and work schedules during the

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With a population of only around 5,000 people, potential home buyers shouldn’t expect an overwhelming inventory of options on the Byron, MN real estate market

But as a thriving small town that’s only minutes from the hustle-and-bustle surrounding Downtown Rochester, you might also find buyers are presented with more opportunities to buy here than most other small towns of equal size. 

Around the time of this post, just over 30 residential properties were currently listed on the Byron market, with nearly all of those listings being either attached townhouse-style residences or fully detached single-family homes. But as you might also notice, a very high concentration of active residential listings in Byron right now are also newer construction

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