July 2016

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New Construction Townhomes Rochester MNIn case you haven’t noticed, home buyers today seem much more open to buying an attached living space. Characteristics like affordability, sustainability, and functionality are all more carefully considered, especially among young home buyers, and townhouses are a product type that in most instances check off all three of those boxes on a wish list. 

Along with that lower price tag, townhomes are specifically designed to live like a single-family home while also including features like attached garages, plenty of open living space, and at least some private outdoor space for home owners to enjoy in most cases as well. Many townhouse communities also feature a wide-range of resident-only amenities, which often include a community swimming pool, fitness

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Land For Sale in Rochester MN In case you haven't noticed, vacant land and undeveloped lots are plentiful right now on the Rochester real estate market. For some local home buyers, building a new home is the ultimate goal when shopping for a new place to live, but before you begin your quest to find the perfect location to start digging, there are a few things you might want to consider before pulling the trigger one an available piece of property. Here’s a look at only some of them…

Builder Restrictions

If you’re considering a lot in a subdivision or neighborhood that’s already being developed, there may be restrictions on who can build on the lot. There may be an agreement between the land developer and a few select builders, or the home builder may own all of the remaining

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